Everything is Buildable with our ERP consultation services by our expert developers and experienced project managers.

ERP consultation services - Business Analysis by Buildable

Business Analysis and Consultation

Buildable spends time with data owners and stakeholders to document processes, identify areas for improvement, and complete a roadmap of system requirements. Understanding a business and its people is key to building a successful ERP system. For this reason, business analysis is always included in our ERP consultation services monthly plans.

ERP Implementation Services

Easy configuration is one of ERPNext’s greatest assets. This reduces overall build time and increases your speed-to-market. Buildable will set up workflows and the configuration of modules to meet your unique business needs. Basic implementation is included in our monthly plans for ERP consultation and hosting services.

ERP consultation services - Migrations by Buildable
ERP consultation services - Integrations by Buildable

ERP Integration Services

Continue use of the systems that are already working nicely for your operation, all while seamlessly integrating with your ERP to automate processes and centralize data. ERPNext provides out-of-the-box integrations and an API for custom integrations. These include Google, Slack, Dropbox, Stripe, Razorpay, PayPal, Shopify, WooCommerce, AWS, Exotel, and Plaid. Contact us today to talk about your specific integration needs.

ERP Customization Services

Expand your ERP system functionality beyond its out-of-the-box ability. Our ERP consultants help you find the balance between configuration and customization to minimize cost and upkeep. Customizations can help you gain a competitive advantage by giving you unique capabilities tailored to your business. In addition, custom features can reduce change management across your organization. We want to know more about your custom ERP needs.

ERP consultation services - Customizations - Erp Features
ERP consultation services - Implementation erp features

ERP Migration Services

We utilize a systematic and phased timeline to ensure the accuracy, consistency, and validity of your data. Our team works directly with your data owners to find the right balance of new and custom fields to match your process. This makes the employee onboarding seamless. Migrations are part of the ERP consultation services included in our monthly plans.

ERP Support and Maintenance

Buildable empowers employees to solve issues on their own and unlock the full potential of the ERP system. Also, we’ve found that incremental training lowers risk and creates better results. Additionally, Buildable keeps all systems up-to-date with improvements allowing the companies we partner with to focus on growth. Support and maintenance are included in our monthly plans.

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