Website, e-commerce, and ERP all rolled into one.

An open-source eCommerce website is included out-of-the-box with ERPNext. It’s a simple yet powerful website builder with advanced theming capabilities to customize the look and feel of your website and make it match your brand.

Open-source eCommerce website graphic.
Mobile Responsive Example

Responsive Websites

ERPNext is the mobile-friendly website software. Manage the layout of your website with Bootstrap 4’s cutting edge technology. Customize your website’s appearance and layout for any screen size. The responsive website builder provides the optimal experience for a wide range of devices — mobiles, tablets and computers.

Search Engine Optimization

It’s crucial that your website ranks highly for the keywords your prospects are searching for. Enhance the visibility of your products and offerings by optimizing your site’s SEO and maximizing social promotion. Don’t lose business anymore — expand your reach and engage audiences in minutes.

Open-source eCommerce website blog example.


Keep your customers up-to-date and wow new prospects with industry-leading content using the blogging feature in ERPNext. Allow comments and responses with user logins to encourage interactivity and help your customers feel more connected to your company.


The open-source eCommerce website from ERPNext includes both website building software and an online store builder. Experience the power of two in one. Set up your online storefront any way you want — add beautiful product collections, product galleries, quick add-to-cart, shopping carts, and more. Customize your product and cart pages to meet your business needs.

Open-source eCommerce website with support example.

One-Click Web Forms

The Web Forms feature of ERPNext’s website builder lets you create dynamic forms on your website. Use them to collect any information, such as your customers’ addresses and contact details, or your employees’ expense claims and leaves. It just takes a single click to reduce manual entry and automatically collect user information.

Website Chat

Capture the attention of your prospects as they browse your website by enabling website visitor chat. It’s a one-time configuration that empowers you to log every visitor’s chat, so you can analyze their business needs and close sales faster.

Open-source eCommerce website with social login example.

Social Login Keys

Social login speeds up the process of onboarding new users by letting them log into your website via their Google, Facebook or GitHub account. It’s easy to set up — just a one-time configuration that will help you gain users easily. Social logins also help you to understand the quality of your customers since their social profile is easily accessible. Know the difference between a prospect and a suspect user!

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