ERPNext’s open source project management features.

Use ERPNext’s built-in, Agile project management tool to keep your teams working efficiently and your customers pleasantly surprised.

Open Source Project Management
Open Source Project Management

All-In-One Workspace

Keep track of project deadlines and progress with a clear overview. Plan ahead for upcoming projects, using forecasts based on comparable projects, and estimate deadlines more accurately.

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Track Timelines and Tasks

ERPNext’s project management tool provides Agile tools for keeping your project on task. Gantt charts provide a zoomed-out overview of project milestones. Get project information in real-time and quickly collaborate with several teams to keep everything moving in the right direction. Assess project progress and efficiency with clear scope and priorities, estimated timelines, and milestones.

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Open Source Project Management Gantt Chart
Open Source Project Management To-do List

To-Do List & Real-Time Chat

Open-source project management has never been this thorough. All team members can stay plugged-in to project progress. They can connect with each other on-the-fly to keep things moving quickly. Easily create tasks and assign them to the team. The tasks will automatically appear in each person’s to-do list.

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Document Storage

Quickly and easily find your project-related documents to keep progress running smoothly. ERPNext allows users to upload, share, and store multimedia files including images, videos, and documents. Files can be uploaded and stored directly in ERPNext or saved as web links and organized in ERPNext.

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ERPNext sales feature; file manager.
ERPNext sales feature; custom emails.


Keep your customers, vendors, and internal teams connected at all steps in the process. Easily set-up email notifications for any user type and any system action. Create custom templates using HTML for different types of correspondence. Automated email workflows improve efficiency and the overall user experience as well as increasing sales with upselling and follow-up opportunities.

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Profitability Analysis

Lean project management is all in one place with ERPNext. Keep track of project budgets and expenses in the same system where you manage tasks. Create planned costs and allocated budgets for each project phase and closely watch their progress.

ERPNext's Budget Report
Project Billing Summary from ERPNext

Time-Tracking & Billing

Simplify tracking by defining actionable items — the activities for projects and tasks, based on what needs to be done. Capture resource costs and billing to get insights on project profitability. Directly link work to payroll to process salaries instantly.

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Customer Access

Give your customers the connection they need to feel at ease with their projects. ERPNext allows external users to view project statuses, report bugs, view their accounts, and receive announcements from you. Customer access also allows you to keep all customer-facing interactions stored and recorded for reference.

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