Open source ERPs level the playing field.

Now small-to-mid-sized businesses have affordable access to the same profitability and efficiency tools as massive enterprises.

95% of companies experience significant improvements in their workflow after adopting an ERP solution.
With an ERP, companies are four times more likely to be able to forecast and plan for demand.
96% of emerging businesses that excel in their respective industry rely on some form of an ERP solution.

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Why choose an open-source ERP?

Huge Savings

ERPNext with Oregon ERP offers the perfect solution for small to mid-sized businesses. Although all businesses can greatly benefit from an ERP, historically only those with over $20 million in gross revenue could afford to implement one. With an open-source ERP like ERPNext there are minimal start-up costs, faster implementation, and the ability to save thousands on the total cost of ownership.

Fast Set-Up

Easy configuration and flexible data importing tools within ERPNext allow for a quick and inexpensive set-up process. ERPNext is easy to learn and the Oregon ERP team will show your project managers how to set up your company and import your data.

No Vendor Lock-In

Large ERP providers often create barriers to switching providers or shopping for help with customizations. With an open source ERP, you can change your ERP vendor at any time, bring your ERP servicing in-house, and/or shop around for competitive pricing on customizations. No vendor lock gives your company freedom and leverage.

Cloud Based

Cloud ERP solutions provide real-time access to your company’s complete data set from anywhere in the world.  Cloud-based ERP systems reduce costs as they require less infrastructure, hardware, and data servers.

Access to All Features

Open source ERPs grant companies full access to the entire set of ERP modules available. This means your costs remain low as your company grows. As the contributing community builds new functionality, updates and new features become available at no added cost.

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